Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Review 2020

The Canon EOS 5D is one of the most popular DSLR cameras in the market today. Since the EOS 5D series was launched in 2005, this camera has taken the world of photography by storm. The EOS 5D Mark III is the latest iteration of this label and is making waves.

The Canon EOS 5D is a 22.3-megapixel full-frame digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera. Produced by canon, it is one of the most popular and well in demand product in the market. The performance adds to the value of the brand name.


Best Features 

  • This is Canon’s first SLR capable of “in-camera High Dynamic Range shooting” and can record multiple exposures. And it doesn’t require much effort to do this.
  • If you are a professional, you will love the playback mode which allows you to compare an image from various angles so that you can choose your best shot
  • A refreshed menu ensures that users can tackle the camera’s new and improved AF (auto focus) system without having to unlearn anything from the previous models
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  • Settings like “mirror lockup” and “Highlight Tone Priority”, which were functions that you had to really delve deep to find are now easier to access
  • The DIGIC 5+ processor is 30% faster than the DIGIC 5 chip in older cameras which helps support the cameras upgraded frames/second shooting
  • The enhanced processing means the camera can effortlessly apply “chromatic aberration correction” to each JPEG image not only laterally but axially as well
  • The new shutter and mirror system ensure that the image quality is in keeping with the top notch AF system
  • The body is built to handle some roughhousing – the Magnesium shell and weatherproofing ensure that the camera will hold up in any scenario, a boon for professional photographers who shoot in extreme weather
  • Image rating – this is a nifty feature if you take multiple shots and don’t know which one to pick
  • The body of the camera fits in one’s hand really well – this means a comfortable shoots for longer durations – a must-have for professional photographers
  • The new and improved EOS Mark III brings with it an extended battery life – the usefulness of this feature needs to further explanation.

Download the Canon EOS EOS 5D Manual

The not so great picture

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a great first camera if you are keen on photography. It’s also a fantastic upgrade to those who own the EOS 5D Mark II.

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Like everything, it’s not all great features and superb images. Listed are some cons:

  • Too many options – there is such a thing as too many features and the EOS 5D Mark III has exactly that. For an amateur, this can be a problem.
  • The SD card slot is not UHS compatible and this could prove to be an issue
  • The price point – Canon has never shied away from premium pricing, and this has always been a polarizing issue for photo enthusiasts. The latest EOS 5D is no exception.
  • Images that aren’t saved in the external memory cards cannot be saved or transferred or even printed, so it’s something to remind yourself of every time you use the camera.

How it compares over others

  1. This product is durable, reliable and very user-friendly. the superior build quality speaks for itself. It is user-friendly because of the ergonomic design. The stress and the strain on the hand are drastically reduced. The functionality is enhanced. Navigability is made easy because the handling is very simple and natural. The customizable controls give the Canon EOS 5D the edge over other products because no one likes a complicated procedure. The right hand can shoot images whilst the left hand can modify the settings smoothly and efficiently without the image getting affected due to the shaking of the camera.
  2. The magnesium alloy adds to the strength of the Canon EOS 5D. It is as solid as a battleship or a tank.
  3. This alloy increases the resistance to dust and weather.

  1. The upgraded EOS cleaning system is integrated. It also aids in reducing and removing the dust that is within the body of the camera.
  2. The organised menu system enables the user to adjust and get used to the camera instantly. When the buttons are at the right place and are convenient to you, you do not have to fumble around searching for the right clicks. Since they are logically ordered, the snaps can be taken with ease.
  3. The commonly used functions are available in the buttons. This simplifies and even speeds the process of taking the pictures without much ado.

  1. The six frames per second feature let you catch almost every instant of the event.
  2. The 61 point auto focus system sharpens your focus as well as the focus point covering the fine details that could easily be missed by the naked eye.
  3. Hyper accurate and critical focus is possible because of the 61 point auto focus irrespective of how difficult or complex the situation can get. This auto focus is incredibly low light sensitive and very accurate. It features up to 41 cross type auto focus points and five dual diagonal auto focus ( with f / 4 lens support and f / 2.8 sensitivity).

  1. Bright mode is designed specifically for photography in uniformly and evenly dark environment with bright subjects. For example, a studio. The dark mode can function inversely and eliminate the really bright sections of the picture. This includes the highlights and reflections.
  2. Full High Digital movie recording can be done with the Canon EOS 5D. The films made can be matched with the quality of professional level movies. Such is the advantage of this camera over its competition.
  3. The 22.3 MP full frame with the CMOS sensor captures details like never before.

  1. Images that have been taken with low or bad lighting are still incredible. The camera does not let issues like insufficient lighting come in the way of a good photograph.
  2. You are not likely to miss a shot because of the 6 fps.
  3. The Canon EOS 5D sheds light in dark places and does not deny you a good shot. This facility is rarely if at all perfected in other cameras.

  1. A 36 MP will eat up all the memory on your hard drive. The 22.3 MP offered by the Canon EOS 5D is neither too big nor too small. It is just perfect for the photographer in you.
  2. This product is designed to perform for satisfaction. The high-resolution image capture is a boon for the lover of photography.
  3. The industry standard protocols of the recording and the enhanced performance make it easy to capture gorgeous and eye-catching

  1. The light weight of the Canon EOS 5D is a big advantage. Who wants to lug around a heavy instrument that can make your hands hurt and tire you out easily when taking photographs?
  2. The exceptional clarity especially during events that are rapidly unfolding is quite incomparable. The sharpness of the image is one of the biggest advantages of this camera.
  3. The Canon’s LP-E6 battery is rechargeable making it quite an economic instrument to use in the long run.

  1. Your photographic vision is never compromised because of the additional features that are available only in the Canon EOS 5D.
  2. Multi-Zone wide area is possible. This improves the tracking ability.
  3. Being sensitive in situations of extremely low light enables great pictures no matter what.

  1. The focusing accuracy is dramatically expanded to support a larger range of f/4.0 and f/5.6 lenses. Clarity is enhanced because of the Super-UD glass element and three aspherical lenses.
  2. The compatibility and the flexibility of the camera are truly enhanced because of the dual SD and CF memory card support. The biggest advantage of this is the auto switch media. When one card is filled, the auto switch media will instruct the camera to swap the cards. Settings can be modified such that the camera will record separately to each card. Automatic backup can also be set by recording same files to two different cards simultaneously.
  3. Remote logging, sending of the images and tracking is enabled because of the option of wireless file transmitter and the GPS receiver.

  1. Camera shake is reduced due to the image stabilizer technology.
  2. The Canon EOS 5D has improved and increased power and speed that significantly heightens the overall response and the performance of the camera in all aspects. Continuous rate of shooting is possible because of this.
  3. Smooth and natural looking results are possible because of the bit signal processing. The quality of the images along with the gradation are enhanced.
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  1. Noise reduction is possible at higher ISOs.
  2. The extended sensitivity range of the ISO aid in countering the frequently changing lights which can be beyond your control. Difficult light situations can be handled with ease without breaking into a sweat.
  3. The huge number of features on the menu can be complicated. This has been simplified in the Canon EOS 5D by adding a dedicated autofocus menu tab. This provides easy and quick access. The subjects of the photograph need not sit too long by the time the photographer can get the right settings applied.

  1. Intelligent metering system in conjunction with the AF system can analyse the focus colour along with the luminance of the image. Different wavelengths of the light are beautifully used to add lustre to the image. The sensitivities of the various colours are handled quite well by this smart device.
  2. The increased 6fps burst rate is supported by carbon fibre and lightweight blades.
  3. One of the biggest boons of so many features in this smart device is that the time wasted on post production work can be drastically reduced. Blocked up shadows and blown highlights are avoided from the beginning. Scenes with highly contrasting images can be shot flawlessly with the help of the canon EOS 5D camera.


Canon allows you to register your Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera. This way you are the first to come to know the various offers and the latest news. You can participate in a variety of competitions.

It redefines the world of both professional and amateur photography. The Canon EOS 5D enables you to capture the quality of an image that you would have never thought possible. This kind of a product brings out the photography skills and creativity that you never saw in you. It is ideal for any and all situations.

While it is believed that the picture or a photograph cannot do justice to the actual beauty of the scenario, the Canon EOS 5D can come pretty close to capturing the essence of the scenery. The superbly detailed images are prize winning material.

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The quality of the image is further enhanced due to the 61 point HD reticular focus. If you are looking to participate in a competition or just making an album for your child that she can relish when she is older, the Canon EOS 5D is the product to try. This breathtaking picture can truly speak a thousand words. This is the right device for the professional photographer in you.