The Best of Nikon DSLR Cameras – 2020


Which is the best of Nikon DSLR Cameras?

Well, what a tough question to answer indeed! Nikon is a name to reckon in this industry. They know the art of camera making. They are in-sync with the technological advancements and needs of individuals.

Nikon DSLR cameras are chosen by professional photographers and those with a serious passion towards the art. We review the best three Nikon DSLR cameras and conduct a suitability analysis here. This will help you choose the one that suits your need.

What are the features of the best Nikon DSLR Cameras?

As a first step, we look at the features of the Nikon DSLR Cameras that we intend to analyze.

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Now that we know the features available in these three best Nikon DSLR cameras, we can now dig into the details. Although all of them will be a priced possession, it may not suit all types of shoots. Depending on your style and need, you can choose the one that fits the bill.

We conduct a brief analysis of feature highlights, see the pros and cons of each of the above products and arrive at a suitable conclusion.

Nikon D3300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR with Auto Focus-S DX NIKKOR

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With the removal of Optical anti-aliasing filter, the image quality from this camera is much better than that of it’s predecessor D3200. The high resolution sensor puts this camera in the advanced camera league. This is despite the low pricing. It has all the features which make it a very impressive entry-level camera.

This model also has the WiFi connectivity for which there is a separate adapter WU-1a. Additional shooting modes have been introduced in this model.


  • Travel friendly design
  • Quality of image in both still photography and video is impressive
  • ISO performance is good


  • WiFi is provided externally – for extra cost
  • With continuous usage, users have complained that the built in flash will overheat


It is a good camera for people who travel. Nikon DSLR cameras are popular amongst professional photographers. For entry level photographers it seems like a good choice!

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Nikon D7100 24.1 MP DX-Format CMOS

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This model eliminated Optical low pass filter, which results in better resolution for images captured. It has upgraded it’s AF system significantly. For video shooting, they have 30p, 25p and 24p recording and built in stereo microphones. The wireless adapter has been included. Here again it is not inbuilt, they have the WU-1a adapter. This model also includes the hugely popular Auto ISO program.


  • Improved features for video shooting
  • Timelapse mode is quite good
  • No low pass filter improves the image quality


  • Quite expensive
  • Limited aperture control over video


This model from Nikon DSLR cameras stands out for it’s improved image quality. For higher ISO levels, the images don’t seem to be as sharp. It could be an ideal camera for video shooting. Most of the improvements over it’s predecessor are hidden behind magnesium-alloy and polycarbonate body. Physically, it is of ideal size, it is similar to that of it’s predecessor.

Nikon D7200 DX-format

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This model is a successor to one of the most popular Nikon DSLR cameras – Nikon D7100. Most features have been retained which are intensely popular amongst the photographer community. It has an improved autofocus; this significantly ups the performance in low light. It has a better battery life almost 15% better compared to it’s predecessor which is impressive amongst it’s competitors as well.


  • Inbuilt WiFi
  • Filterless sensor which improves quality of image
  • Impressive performance in low light
  • Weather proof


  • Non-tilting screen, fixed screen
  • Non touch sensitive screen


This is a camera which can be taken to even the rain forests without worrying. The model is a successor of a very popular Nikon DSLR camera. It has enhancements which improve the image quality and increase the battery life. It is a typical travel friendly camera.

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