AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories Review 2020

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Electronic gadgets are delicate pieces of technology which if not taken care of can die on you when you need them the most.

Accidental falls or head on impact can often damage these essential facets of your life permanently and that is the reason that almost all electronic gadgets come in protective casings to minimize any damage during transit, storage or usage.

Protective covering

A protective covering is even more important for expensive gadgets like the SLR or DSLR cameras which have big lenses which can crack or break rendering the whole unit useless. That is why almost all the camera bags have additional padding and cushioning inside to protect the camera.

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An avid photographer treasures his camera bag as much as his camera because it not only protects the camera but is often equipped to carry gear required for effective photography.

Many a time, you may have to traverse through terrain which is rugged and uneven providing opportunities for slips and falls; it is during those times that you can be assured that your camera is safely ensconced in the cushioned comforts of a camera bag.

Reliable companion

Hence it is not wrong to say that every ardent photographer’s most reliable companion is a camera bag.

Today you need gadgets and equipment that can multi-task. It is not unfair under such circumstances to expect your camera bag to do more than just protect the camera. The need of the hour is a bag that protects the camera and also doubles up as a carrier of other essential things needed during photography.

What you truly need is a camera bag that allows you carry heavy camera gear over extended periods of time while ensuring that all required accessories are easily reachable.

Extra lenses with you

A camera bag not only protects the camera from all structural and mechanical damages but also accommodates certain essentials like extra lenses (maybe a tele extender also)a laptop, chargers, memory cards, books, pens and pencils, ponchos, atrial mix, a rain jacket and any other deemed necessities.

There are two types of camera bags – the over the shoulder camera bag or the camera backpack.

Every individual has a different preference according to their habits and usage; therefore it is prudent to choose a bag that suits your specific needs.

According to camera backpack reviews more and more photographers are leaning towards the backpack types because they are more comfortable to carry for longer periods of time. It is easier to cover any terrain when your hands are free to assist you in case you need support.

The over the shoulder camera bag on the other hand has an advantage in the sense that you don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder to ensure you bag and the gear within is safe; your precious camera is right in front of your eyes. Furthermore it is difficult to carry extra stuff in a shoulder bag because of the space constrain and also the strain on the shoulders.

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Probably the need to carry more and heavier stuff comfortably has made the camera backpack a popular choice with beginners as well as experienced photographers.

Before buying the Backpack

Before buying a camera backpack do make it a point to go through several camera backpack reviews to identify the make and model of backpack that will suit your needs; it makes sense to ensure that your camera backpack can accommodate all the necessary gear which again is dependent on the kind of photography you do.

The next thing to consider is your destination and the tenure of your stay. Many jetliners have strict rules on the size of the hand luggage that you can carry. So if you have a bulky gear it will be a heart wrenching choice to check in your gear.

There is no dearth for models and makes of camera backpacks. So to choose one that suits your specific needs and your pocket will be a tough call. Hopefully, the review below will make your task easier.

Here below is a camera backpack review about the Amazon basics camera backpack for SLR and DSLR covering both the positives and the negatives of the product.

What are the best features of the Amazon Basics Camera backpack?

This Amazon basics camera backpack has garnered the best seller position in camcorder cases on Amazon. That does speak a lot about the make and the usefulness of the product. Before we proceed further let us skim through the essential features of a good camera backpack and then match it with our product to determine if it truly deserves to be there right at the top.

Comfort: Photography involves hours on end of standing, crouching and often remaining in awkward positions. Cameras and the related accessories tend to be heavy and that makes carrying them so much more difficult.  To be comfortable even when you hike, cycle or trek, a backpack would be a great choice because the weight is evenly distributed when you wear a backpack. This provides that element of comfort which is so important when buying a backpack.

Designated Compartments: A good camera backpack will have room for all the accessories; it should have specific zipper compartments, inner and outer pockets that are amply covered by a flap or a zip to hold all the miscellaneous accessories that accompany the camera.

Cushioned interiors: As already mentioned camera and its accessories are very delicate and hence need cushioned and padded support.

Straps that last: You will be wearing your backpack for long periods of time; hence the straps should be comfortable with additional padding if possible and definitely durable. There should be additional straps to hold the tripod.

 The Amazon basics camera backpack best features:

The most endearing feature of this backpack is the roominess of the backpack. This bag can comfortably accommodate 2 small DSLR cameras, 3-4 lenses and several other additional accessories. To add to that the ability to adjust the size of the individual cells to meet requirements is also highly appreciated in many customer backpack reviews.

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Keys, mobile phones, memory cards, notebook etc. all need their own place in a backpack like they do in the Amazon basics. In fact in this case there are additional straps to hold the tripod or an umbrella on the side.

The backpack’s adjustable straps have also been very thoughtfully padded and properly cushioned to reduce the strain on your shoulders when you carry the heavy camera gear for long periods of time. There is cushioning provided on the straps that comes across the waist and the chest too.

Price – Good point

Finally, the price is a big asset for this kind of backpack. According to several camera backpack reviews, the Amazon basics camera backpack been available at a little less than 30$ is nothing less than a steal. The reviews claim that backpacks which are so comfortable, have so many compartments in which a few are zippered to store small accessories are often pricey.

The Negatives of the Amazon basics camera backpack

The biggest drawback in this very useful camera backpack is the absence of a laptop slot. Obviously the bag is small and cannot accommodate anything bigger than an 11 inch MacBook maybe. The severe space constraint is felt especially if you want to pack overnight camera gear which often requires more space.

Though the zippers appear sturdy there is no protective weather resistant covering provided for them; as a result if you are ever caught unaware by a sudden downpour the chances are that the water will seep through and damage your gear.

Several camera backpack reviews have stated that the presence of the extra triglide adjuster or a fastexclip (annoying plastic pieces) on the right side of the waist strap is a nuisance that need not be in the first place, because it hinders the operation of the strap and also makes adjusting the length of the strap quite tedious – a totally unnecessary addition.

Another negative that has been highlighted by a few camera backpack reviews is the poor quality of the top handle which apparently breaks within the first few months of usage. If in warranty, Amazon freely replaces the bag, but it is a dicey proposition to have your precious camera at the mercy of a flimsy handle.

Nowadays camera backpacks come with the feature which allows you to access the camera from three sides which is not possible with the Amazon.

The absence of a weather proof cover is another drawback associated with the Amazon basics camera backpack. Hence to protect your gear buy an additional water proof cover for the bag. 

Advantages over competition

Some good is always associated with some drawbacks as seen in this Amazon basics camera backpack. But according to camera backpack reviews this backpack has specific advantages over its nearest competitors.

With regards to size, though the Amazon and Canon are of similar size, this backpack has a squarish profile making it harder for it to be squished. The presence of inner zipper compartments which are ideally sized to hold SD cards, lens cleaning pens, small manuals, tripod mounts etc. is a definite advantage that this backpack has over its contemporaries. Even the presence of flap on top of the zipper to prevent any scratching on the camera body and lens is a nice touch.

Then the compartments are more padded and cushioned in Amazon than other backpacks in the same range. Even the padding on the shoulder straps is far superior when compared to other brands. The overall comfort that one has when wearing this Amazon tips the scale in its favor.

The transparent casing in the inside of the backpack lid ensures that little things are easily visible unlike say in Lowepro which sorely lacks this feature.

And if you thought that is it, then the final deal breaker is the price according to camera backpack reviews. Priced at just below 30$ for the roomy interiors and durable exteriors besides the cushioned padding is definitely worth the money.


It is always a tough choice to decide which camera backpack is the ideal companion on your sojourns as you capture memories and moments that can inspire you and your friends .

So, if you are able to answer the few basic questions like what kind of photography you are planning to do (because different kinds of photography requires different gears which can be bulky); where do you plan to go; how long is the stay and will you be involved in any physical activity the ability to choose a backpack becomes easier.

Once you have found answers to these questions you need to pay attention to the durability, ease of use, ergonomic design, warranties and other security features.

From the review above it is easy to conclude that the Amazon basics camera backpack is a medium sized camera backpack which is immensely liked by many photographers for the design, the structure and overall built.

This bag is ideal for people who like to carry small compact bags where they can take along the extra 3-4 lens, 2 smaller SLR or DSLR cameras and the needed accessories.  If you are looking for something that can carry bulkier and heavier gear for an overnight or dim light shoot do not buy this product.

The high quality nylon ensures that as long as you pack all your accessories properly, the bag can remain a loyal companion for a long time to come. The material is water resistant and can handle a few water splashes but if you are very particular, it is advisable to buy a separate water proof cover for the bag.

Many camera backpack reviews have mentioned that the Amazon lasts longer than the stipulated two years which is the life of most camera backpacks.

Finally, this review wants to highlight the fact that the Amazon basics camera backpack is worth the money spent on it. It is durable, comfortable, and lightweight and has features which ensure that all your accessories are easily accessible.The excellent camera padding is sufficient to protect your gear when you slip and fall.

You don’t have to worry about poor quality zips which break pretty easily because the zippers used here are of sturdy quality. Overall the Amazon basics is a  comfortable,compact and neutral colored black backpack that can carry a few essentials besides the camera gear; a great buy at a great price.